Debbie (debmats) wrote,

burmese food + too much sun = weird dream

Sat in the sun all afternoon - A's vs Yankees - A's lost *sniff* Barry Zito did not have a good day. Didn't help that the ump had a weird strike zone. Pregame, there was a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1973 World Championship team. Got to see my favorite Joe Rudi! Also saw Dick Green, Reggie Jackson, John 'Blue Moon' Odom, Billy North, Ted Kubiak, Dick Williams, and Ken Holtzman. They displayed a highlight film on diamond vision and an interview session.

After the game, Karen & I walked down to Park Street for the annual Art & Wine Street Fair. Street fair has expanded by two blocks, but still didn't really find anything new to that shouted "buy me buy me!". Did pick up a hawaiian style dress in purples for Alani and a green (oakland a's green) shirt with lions and tigers appliqued for Kyle. Picked up a new set of earrings from one of my favorite vendors - Peter Bailey. I allow myself one pair of earrings a fair (though there was one year he wasn't there, so the year he came back, I allowed myself 2 *g*). If you've ever seen my dragonfly wing earrings - those are his design.

Karen & I ended up at a burmese restaurant on Park St. for dinner. There's a bunch of new restaurants on Park St. that I need to try - especially the Korean one. We ordered the curry chicken & potato palata (kind of like stuff on top of a samosa type tortilla), special fried rice and the mango prawns with garlic noodles. Loved the garlic noodles.

Was reading the Nightingale Walk and dozed off. Dreamed that I was in a house that the living room fronted the street, but the rest of the rooms were in a cave? Something about playing really loud music upstairs and lots of chatting in cave room. Cave room had a stone fireplace and needed dusting. Had to shut the music down cuz the cops were outside with a decibel meter? Maybe I was incorporating the party that's going on in the downstair's apt? Though I was definitely dreaming rock music and they're playing oom pah pah music.
Tags: a's, dreams, family

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