Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Alani's birhtday

There be kidlets sleeping in my bed. Somehow I drew the short straw and got stuck with two sugar crazed munchkins *weg*. They were both out by 9:30!

So, K, Alani and I drove over to SF. Both K and I had forgotten that it was Fleet Week and today was the Blue Angels show. The wharf was packed. Had an early lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (good thing, we went there first - like I said, the wharf was packed). We sat in the under the sea grotto, right next to one of the big tanks. K spent most of lunch trying to get a picture of a "painted triggerfish". This fish looked like it just swam out of a Beatles movie. There were also lots of "Dory" fishes, a one striped clown fish, lots of "oooh Bubbles" yellow fishes and a few blue spotted fishes which looked like blots of blue mold.

Alani was very happy when the staff brought out a chocolate sundae with a lit candle and then they sang the not usual Happy Birthday song. (happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you...) At the store, she chose a beanie baby elephant (Pounder) and a ghost (Frighten)

Walked along the wharf down to Ghiradelli Square - chocolate ya know. K walked out of the Ghiradelli store with a few bags of chocolate...

Watched a bit of the Blue Angels show - Alani didn't want to stay too long because there were just too many people and the planes were very loud.

It was her birthday, so she did get cotton candy, much to K's dismay.

K dropped her off at my place and we watched The Three Lives of Thomasina again. Then back to the house for the Kamakura dinner and chocolate cake. Just a family party, G, K, S, the kidlets and me. Alani was very happy with her American Girl doll "Samantha" and the dog "Jip". She also got clay, crayola pens, a sketch book, a mermaid barbie (one which is for water usage - G was happy - she's tired of having to hang the other Barbies upside down in order to get all the water out of them). Kyle gave her one of the dollars that he earned shoveling mulch, some pokeman cards which she had wanted, gameboy cartridge (lion king) and a glass shell.

Trade off tomorrow around 9:30 - after the usual Old MacDonald's breakfast. Yum? Then K & I are going to the Farmer's Market.

My next adventure is seeing if they left me any room in the bed...
Tags: birthday, family

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