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A few months ago, trektone and I had dinner at Havana's. One of the things that we chatted about was that he would be doing a concert at ConClave. As soon as he mentioned this bit of news, the wee cogs in my brain started churning. Joey hasn't done a concert (other than informal house ones) in years. The fact that Michelle Sagara West would be the GOH made the cogs spin a bit faster. Wouldn't it be cool to show up at the concert? *g*

Knew pezazul had recently driven from MO to MI, so I knew it was doable. Looking at a map, I saw tammy_g could be on the way... More plotting was done at MidWestBowerCon...

So, last Thursday, I flew to St. Louis and then Kev and I drove directly from the airport to Danville, IN. Tammy!!! Lots of hugging and yakking until late was had! Also had a chance to finally chat a bit with Tammy's hubby Dan. Other than a bit of chatting when I met the two of them ten years ago and a brief "good morning" at MidWestBowerCon, I had not really had a chance to chat.

As I had not slept much the night before (7am flight and the fear of oversleeping), once my head hit the pillow, I was gone.

Left Tammy's around 9:30am on Friday. Brunch at Padachou (sp??)! Food was very good - though I'm brain dead enough that I'm not sure what I had. Corned beef hash?

Apparently, I snoozed most of the way up to Romulus, MI. Kev and Tammy were plotting on how we'd surprise Joey... When I woke up, I guess my subconscious had been listening to them, because I asked, now how were we going to surprise Joey *weg* Tammy said, with our luck, he'd be in the lobby.

Well, as we were walking through the first set of doors at the hotel (which were curtained off from the rest of the lobby), I eeped and we had a wee pow wow. Guess who was in the lobby talking to mbumby??? So we had a quick giggle and casually walked through the lobby towards registration. Of course, we had huge grins on our faces and all.

Hee hee! Joey did the classic double take! Lots of giggles and hugs all around. He had no clue. mwhahahahahahahahahahaaaaa...

Hmm, I don't think I got to chat with Margaret at all, other than that bit in the lobby. =(

Registered at the hotel, then registered at the Con and lugged all the stuff to our room - 429. Waited for Diney and marmalade_jack to arrive from OH. YAY!!!

Dinner at Beirut. Wonderful food - loved the minced lamb shish kabobs. The only downside is that smoking is allowed in restaurants. (not in CA anymore...)

Much yakking, then bed. KER-thunk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Oct. 7th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you decided to surprise Joey, because it meant I got to meet you! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to talk with you at the con. I hope you enjoyed it immensely.

I've pulled a similar surprise. A few years ago when I planned a visit to kashicat in Toronto, a mutual "Internet friend" (whom I'd met F2F, but kashicat hadn't) decided to go as well. We managed not to give her the least hint of the scheme. I cherish the memory of the look on kashicat's face when Ed walked into the room and she realized who he was.

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