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Books Read in September

Title Author Comments
Mr. Cavendish, I Presume Quinn, Julia
It Happened One Night (The
Fall of Rogue Gerrard; Spellbound; Only You; From This Moment On)
Laurens, Stephanie; Balogh, Mary; D'Alessandro, Jacquie; Hern, Candice
Aftershock (Pennance, After
the Lightning, Seeing Red)
Sala, Sharon; Hudson, Janis Reams; Cowan, Debra
Rancher's Redemption Cornelison, Beth
Terms Of Surrender Brant, Kylie
The Doctor's Mission Stone, Lyn
14 Ellison, J. T.
1001 Cranes Hirahara, Naomi
A Lady's Secret Beverley, Jo
Colton's Secret Service Ferrarella, Marie
Cry Wolf Briggs, Patricia re-read
Dark Whispers Coville, Bruce
Intimate Enemy Pappano, Marilyn
Lion's Bride Johansen, Iris
Mercenary's Honor McClellan, Sharron
Midnight Warrior Johansen, Iris
Natural-Born Protector Cassidy, Carla
Strangers in Death (In Death) Robb, J.D. re-read
Takeover Black, Lisa
The Face of Death Mcfadyen, Cody
Song Of The Wanderer Coville, Bruce
The Demolished Man Bester, Alfred re-read
All The Pretty Girls Ellison, J. T.
Into The Land Of The Unicorns Coville, Bruce
Pure Blood Kittredge, Caitlin
Night Life Kittredge, Caitlin

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