Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Faire with the Kidlets

Kids had a blast. I am much poorer. *weg*

First thing we did when we got to faire was get Kyle properly dressed. Went to the place that has kids sizes - they happened to have had a very good Saturday, so pickings were not so great. Blue breeches. Blue, orange and red braided belt. No shirt. He needed about an xxs in adults - yes, he's got wide shoulders. Ended up going to the shirt lady - I think most of my guy friends have all bought at least one shirt from her - and got Kyle an xs off white shirt. It's a bit loose, but he'll grow into it - looked good with the belt. Her shirts are quality made. =) So now there is one happy kidlet. Alani was wearing her yellow dress with the butterfly bodice. She had her non-sparkly pink tennis shoes on.

We rode the swing (Alani wanted to go really high, so she screamed the entire time), the spinning maypole ride (just the kids) and watched bits of Broon's, Moonie's and middle eastern dancing shows. Didn't have to watch Fowl Tales this time =)

I told the kids that they had $20 each to spend on a toy. Alani picked up yet another small puppet - otter this time and a purple feather tickler. Was not going to explain that one to G. Kyle got a polished crystal (which he kept saying was a shard from the Dark Crystal). He also got a *magical* wand from the local wand dealer. Alani was eyeing the wand too and I guess she looked cute, so the wand dealer made me a deal so that I got two for a little bit more than one *g* Two very happy magelets! Wingardium Leviosa!

For answering questions at the pirate booth, they each got a *gold* doubloon and a black pearl.

Much money was spent on the games - indeed, I think this is what broke the bank! Instead of pelting the pirate with tomatoes or dunking the pirate, there was this cannon thingy that shot tennis balls (not quite period). Kyle *loved* it. Shooting the pirate in the buns seemed to be the high point of the day for Kyle and the three other kids who were at the booth. The pirate kept insulting the kids, but it went right over their heads - the adults were all laughing.

The kids played darts (Alani did manage to hit the center heart, but it didn't stick, but she got a prize anyway), threw stuffed kittens at the buckets (Alani did get one in), fished for prizes, played the game of life twice (Kyle ended up a thief both times) and shot arrows (Kyle got a medallion).

It was hot, so I kept passing the water bottle around. Alani had her usual gingerbread man and Kyle tried the shortbread cookie this time. Couldn't talk them into eating anything other than ice cream (both kids were picky).

Left after 4 hours - the kids were getting tired - especially Alani. Stopped at Casa de Frutta for a late lunch.

I think Alani was a little disappointed that herefox didn't come with us. I told her he needed a hermit day and she said he was a frog. Or was it a toad? *g*
Tags: family, kidlets, ren faire

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