Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Mum's birthday

Last Friday, I packed up the van and drove up to Eureka for Mum Burns' 83rd birthday party.

I met Sony in our freshman year of high school - pick a person in the class, interview them and introduce them to rest of the English class. We used to say that we fought too much to be friends, but we made nifty sisters. We've been in and out of each other's houses for the past 34 years - her parents became "Mum and Dad" to me and my parents were "Mom and Dad" to her.

I got up there around 3 and was immediately dragged out to do some food shopping *g* I would have been there earlier, but there had been an accident on the winding road up in the hills. SUV didn't make one of the winding turns and had flipped.

Did get to visit with Thi and Mum along with Dave and Sony that evening.

This trip, I got to stay in the "Bear Cottage". It's a cottage that they built from a kit. It even has it's own composting toilet. (takes a bit to get used to the smell...) It's very comfy - big enough for a full size bed with a loveseat and coffee table. Plus the alcove for the foilet. 4 windows (2 of which are screened and I kept them WIDE open). *g*

Mum, Sony and I killed a bottle of champagne while we chatted.

Paul and Valerie arrived from Merced sometime after 4am.

Saturday, Thi had ballet class at 9am, so Sony & I dropped her off and then went off for coffee and chat. Yak, yak, yak. Did get to watch a little bit of Thi's class. Cute!!!

Dropped Thi back home and picked up Valerie and then we went to the Holly Yashi sale. HY lives up there and every year she has a sale at the fair grounds. Huge room with tables of her stuff. Great prices!!!!!!!! Very, very dangerous. I had a very good time - so much so that I had to sign a form which said that I would not use any of the items for resale.

Costco! We picked up the cake (Happy Birthday Grandma!), trays of sandwiches and shrimp. Back to the house to get things set up and start getting the rest of the food ready.

The party started at 6pm - Sony's house is a multi level houses - main floor has a small living room, kitchen and dining area, the family room is up one set of stairs, the backyard with the waterfall and pond is down another set of stairs. The original thought was that people would spread out, but people kept to the main floor - this was party of Mum's friends and a lot of them had mobility issues.

Tadesse and Tom flew up from SF and got there after the party started. Tadesse had classes until 1pm.

Sony put together a slide show of Mum's life. I'd seem many of the pictures over the years, but not the ones when she was very young. Cool =)

Party ended around 9pm. Clean up didn't take that long. Thi had a scheme going - she managed to get story out of me, Valerie, Tadesse, Paul, and Sony. Two tired pumpkins - both Thi and Grandma.

Realized that the artichoke dip never made it out of the fridge, so we munched on it with chips and yakked until late.

Sunday morning was early. Sony, Thi and Mum went off to service around 8:30 *sniff*. Tom and Tadesse were flying back on an 11am flight and Paul & Valerie would drop them off.

Paul and I were chatting about phones and I kept talking about my blueberry. With a smirk, he said "Auntie Deb, don't you mean blackberry????" It was early and I was still on my first dp. Brat. *g* He and Valerie will be coming up for a Cal game and will be staying at my place.

Uneventful trip home - made it home by 2.
Tags: family, friends

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