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Skunk and bunny...

I've been faeried! Neopets style. I need a Cheeky Cybunny Gnome... I get this feeling this is gonna cost me lots of neopoints. Help?

Update: 11:30am... Got gnome. Dearheart increased 3 levels in strength. Thanks Paulie!

Had an enjoyable evening last night with Foxy. Went tubbing at Watercourse Way - we got Pine room (wooden tub, sauna and cold plunge). It's a neat room - the way the skylight is set up, it looks like you've fallen into a well. Capiz shell lights - very grotto-ish feeling. Sometimes the sauna is just too hot, but last night it just felt wonderful. The hot tub was veddy hot and relaxing and the cold plunge felt like the water at Carmel - icy enough to make your toes freeze *g*. I do like soaking in the cold plunge up to my neck. Ended up at the diner for dinner. Gave into the horrible craving for onion rings, though I have to admit the ones at Flipper's taste better. Yum. *g*

A week ago Thursday, Foxy & I went to see TheatreWorks' Bat Boy: The Musical. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My hand spent part of time covering my eyes in a "I can't believe they just did what they did" kind of moment. I had listened to the cast album, but I hadn't quite pictured the scenes as they were performed. *g*. Skunk and bunny. Love the bunny paws. And then there was the bumblebee. Just don't ask. You need to go see it. After the show, I went over to and ordered the cast album.

Saturday morning, met Joey for dim sum at Tin's Tea House in Oakland. I had never actually eaten in there - I usually do take out and eat in at Jade Villa's. It's always a fun and relaxing time when chatting with Joey.

Saturday evening was spent at my church's Obon Odori Festival. Obon is kind of the Buddhist equivalent of Dia de las Muertas. Food festival (lots of teriyaki, no curry rice though *sigh*), tai chi demonstrations (Rev. Taniguchi is very into it), taiko drums and traditional Obon dancing.

It was Kyle and Alani's first Obon festival. Had to dress da kiddies in happi coats as I was unable to find a kimono small enough for Alani. Darn. Next year, I guess - I ended up tying a foo-fee pink,red & white sash around her. Both kids were adorable *g* They just did their own thing in the dance circle.

Speaking of dancing - it's always been the same dances with a few new ones every so many years. I was going to go to a practice but I was zonked after work and was just lazy. I mean, I'd been doing this stuff since I was a kid. Oy. They added several new ones. Can you say "fake it big time"? Spent most of the time giggling while following friend Jane and her hubby around the circle. We had no idea what we were doing and when we got to the point where we couldn't see the teacher because of the trees, we were just winging it *g* (the dance circles the garden pond...). The other part of the time was spent chasing after Kyle and/or Alani. Alani at one time was out the church grounds and walking down the street with auntie debbie following behind her. Have no idea where she was going, but she was determined to go. *g* Kyle found out that the closed dance fan made a satisfactory lightsaber or wand.

Sunday, met Jill (coworker) and her hubby Ken at church for the special Obon service. Jill is taking a world religions class and needed to attend a church that was not of her faith. She has to write a paper on it - I think it would be interesting to read. (Jill, by the way, belongs to the evangelical presbyterian church that I complained about re: barbara's memorial service. *g*) Long, but interesting service followed by otoki lunch. (teriyaki chicken, rice, takuan and *oh joy* string beans in a miso/sesame sauce)

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