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Apt has been invaded by maintenance guy. Those roofers? They managed to kill or damage many of the 2nd floor apt kitchen and bathroom fans. In one case, they poured gravel (it wasn't tar) stuff down one of the kitchen vents. My bathroom fan has sounded like a dying pc fan (grind, squeal, grind) for the past week and a half and the kitchen fan just turns on but no spin. Have no idea about the heater vents...

Saturday, herefox and I took Alani to Ren Faire. She was very quiet on the ride to and fro as she was listening to Junie B. Jones stories on CD. She had outgrown her princess costume and so was in need of new garb. "It's okay, I don't really want to dress up and... OOOH pretty". So, she spent the day in a yellow dress with a butterfly bodice. The bodice reverses to plain green, so she can be more period if she wishes. I think the pink sparkly tennis shoes made the outfit though *weg*. I'll probably pick her up an overskirt or a hat next weekend.

Foxy was very accommodating - we basically just let Alani do what she wanted to do. We actually sat through several shows (bit of the Commedia d'Italia, her favorite: Fowl Tales, Moonie). She and I rode the swings and the spun around the maypole (ugh dizzy, dizzy, dizzy). She ate a gingerbread man and fries. Made her drink lots of water this time.

Nancy Chien-Eriksen was there, so I did a bit of Christmas shopping.

Kyle was very sad that he couldn't go to faire as he had a soccer game. Big, sad puppy eyes. Ok. I promised that I'd take the kids to faire on Sunday, September 28th. Anybody else want to join us?
Tags: apt, family, friends, ren faire

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