Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Someone in the complex not only has the sneezes, but a bad case of the hiccups. 'tis amusing to listen to. Acchoo... hiccup!

Somebody earlier had the snezzes, and "bless yous" were tossed out from various places.

K came over earlier and we went out for a late lunch at Ohana's. Then we went over to Kragen's and I got my birthday prezzie. K got me a set of new car mats as G had taken the front ones out to be cleaned (dog poo ick) and never returned them. Yay! K also got me a car tire inflater compressor! Double YAY!!!!!!!!! I don't need to find a gas station with a working air compressor any more! The last time I had to go to 3 different places to finally find a working air compressor to inflate my tires.

Other birthday celebrations - for Kyle's birthday dinner, we had Kamakura's on Sunday, August 31st, followed by confetti cake. Kyle finally got his Wii and he was one veddy happy kidlet.

On my actual birthday, we had Acapulco for dinner (K,G, and kidlets) and a dark chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert. The brownie had an 8 oz can of DP as a decoration (how cute!) and was decorated with little hearts. *g* From G & the kidlets I got one of those coolers than run off the car's power supply so that I "can always have a cold dp".

Spent most of the evenings this past week helping Foxy in his apt move. Ikea, Target, putting shelves together etc. Sure beats having to actually lug stuff up and down the stairs *g*
Tags: birthday, family, friends

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