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Friday afternoon, given a choice between going to Kyle's soccer practice and going to chill at Auntie Debbie's, Alani chose Auntie Debbie's. As I had to work, she was quite happy with watching Davey and Goliath, followed by Bambi. She had a bag of popcorn all to herself, a drink and a few gummy worms. G and Kyle ran late, so she had tofu and grapes for dinner.

We also watched "The 3 Lives of Thomasina" which she liked very much. G & Kyle returned around 7:45, and all Kyle wanted for dinner was ramen. So he & I had Ramen for dinner.

Saturday morning, I had visitors. K and the kidlets. Swimming!
I had to get the manager to let us back into the apt because I locked us out. *sigh*. Late lunch at Old MacDonald's - Kyle's choice as it was his birthday =)

A's vs Twins baseball game followed by fireworks!!! Saw misstsapinay, her boyfriend Geoff, and Allie in the parking lot. T'was me, K, G, S, Kyle, Alani, Kyle's friend Nathan and K's friend Trang. Trang had NEVER been to a baseball game in her life. Oy! It was an exciting game - bottom on the ninth, A's behind 2-1. Men on first and second, no outs. Ryan Sweeney put down a bunt, and Twin's Joe Nathan over threw third base, so both runners were able to score! A's win 3-2!!!!

Fireworks! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH pretty!!! K, G & I sang very loudly to "Lights" by Journey. A's traditionally have opened their fireworks' shows with that song. hee! Alani sat on Daddy's lap and was pointing to all the pretties in the sky. Kawaii!!!
Tags: a's, family

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