Debbie (debmats) wrote,

NorCal Ren Faire and Other Stuff

Today's high is supposed to be 90 degrees. Oh joy. Where's my FOG????? So today is also a day to deal with no a/c and the roofers are still clomping about. I still take joy in that today is a telecommute day. I'll probably stay in my pajamas all day.

herefox and I are planning on going to Faire on Saturday, September 13th. Anybody else care to join us? If it fits in their schedule, I'll be bringing the kidlets along. Have to figure out how to dress them - they've outgrown last year's costumes.

Saw Theatreworks' production of Grey Gardens last night. It had been a long day and I was tired. Maybe I was in the wrong head space for it, but it didn't grab me. I did not leave the place singing song bits as I normally do after a musical. The performances were good, but I just didn't care for the characters. I found myself just waiting for it to be over.
Tags: life, musicals

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