Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Post WorldCon - Thoughts

It looks like I spent most of my time stalking authors (signings and readings) and filking. I went to fewer panels than usual - mainly because the ones I wanted to go to were usually at the same times. Spent lots of time chatting with friends - especially the ones I only get to see every two years. Met some neat people. I don't do people really well - Sarge laughed when I claimed to be an introvert. It's hard work! *g*

This had the best filking in all of my 4 WorldCons! (ConJose, Noreascon, LACon and Denvention) Thanks to kbeader and lemmozine for putting it all together!!!

I know I told several people that I wasn't going to do Anticipation. Nope, I was going to take a break. So how did it happen that I now have my membership for it?

Who's going to Anticipation?

How about Melbourne?
Tags: denvention, worldcon
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