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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me...

Dag nabbit, I've had that stupid song stuck in my head since last night. Foxy, Lee and I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. T'was a fun bit of fluff, lots of eye candy. My comment at the end of the film was "Yum". Yes, Orlando Bloom was a lovely Will Turner and Johnny Depp was definitely a charming rogue. *grin*

Started out the day at the day at the Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire in Novato. T'was a sunny day - hot, but not too bad - just a great day to be outside (of course Foxy would disagree - too much bright white light out). Did the usual wandering, watching some very bad shows *g*, some good shows (Habhi' Ru!!!) and shopping. Lee poinged over a lilac fairy candle holder and Foxy was able to sneak back and get it for her, while I kept her busy. *weg* Faire prezzies are so much fun! And then there was this wee stop at Nomadia...

Got back to Alameda around 6. Clean up time! Ugh, faire dust. Back on the road to Mountain View by 7:15pm. Went to Vaso's for dinner. More celebrating da Foxy's 30th birthday. (I had taken him out on his birthday too. Would not allow him to stay home) We split the polenta with mushrooms & the fried calamari appetizers, went on to our salads and munched our way through our entrees. I, of course, got my usual seafood risotto (YUM). Lee got the seafood penne pasta & Foxy got the steak special (the balsamic vinegar sauce was lovely). They brought a slice of chocolate cheesecake for us to share and then to celebrate Foxy's birthday, brought us all out a yummy glass of port.

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