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Post WorldCon 2008 - Monday, August 11th

Cheese Ferrets!!!
It's the new band at the Appaloosa Grill!

Well, not quite. I had made comment that the painting on the nearby wall looked like a kodama or tree spirit. Kev heard "cheese ferrets". It spiraled out of control after that and that was only Tuesday...

Joey was up and about early on - he had a brunch date with some friends. I decided to have a nice lie in until 10am. Or more like 10:15. Checked the room for any left items and then I went down to the bell captain's desk to check my luggage and then to the main desk to check out.

We'd tried to split the bill the night before, but things didn't work quite right. We calculated the amounts manually, and he'd paid the amount. Lo and behold, the bill in the morning showed a split bill - with him owing another $75. Nope, nope, nope. Wrong! Not only did we both get charged for parking (we only had a car on the first day), but the bill was split only for the final night. Got the bill corrected and then paid the balance.

Went for a walk and did some window shopping along the 16h Street Mall. Had brunch at Jason's Deli again. Ditto on the meal - baked potato (half portion this time!!!) with broccoli cheddar soup and a caesar salad.

Met up with Joey and we decided not to go to the Tattered Book store. Both of our suitcases had lots of new book purchases already. Instead, we went in search of a nearby grocery store which carried some Colorado specialties. He'd been told of a wonderous canteloupe that Kathy and Dean had raved about. Can I just say that the sun was very, very bright around 1:30 that day? So, not only did we find the canteloupe, but Joey chatted with the produce manager and he told us that the Olathe (sp?) corn was just as wonderful. In fact, he said the corn was so good you could eat it raw. So Joey purchased both the sliced canteloupe and an ear of corn. The corn was tasty!

There was also some pretty red corn too. I thought about buying some, but my backpack was already heavy enough.

Walked down to the government center - I had been curious about the domed building. Saw the museum building - it looked like a giant ship. An ark? The fountain looked a little lonely. Joey just complained about the poor seals - they had "children" on their backs. Yup. That's Joey. *g*

Back to the hotel, got our luggage, and taxi'd to the airport. Finally saw the ballpark. Oh well, maybe next time.

Ah, yes, going through security. We both got pulled over. For me, it was my hair barrette again. Joey had a bunch of towelette packages in his pockets and there was just enough foil in the package to set off the alarms.

I got home to find that they inspected my suitcase too. There were two notes in the suitcase - 1) that it had been inspected and 2) that they had removed a dangerous item.

The dangerous item? The book of matches from Appaloosa Grill that I'd been so happy to find.

Plane was delayed about 40 minutes - wind shear - but otherwise the trip home was uneventful. My luggage came off first, but we had to wait for Joey's. Joyce & Ron picked up in the small car instead of the van, but everything managed to fit. Dropped off my bags, picked up my car, then I took Joey home. 11pm - HOME!!!

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