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WorldCon 2008 - Friday, August 8th

Walked over to the cult gym. Go me!

I hit Jamba Juice again, but got the Pomegranate Paradise instead. Perhaps not the wisest choice - my tummy was pissed off at me for several hours.

10am - 11:30am: I went to the Patricia Wrede (pronounced Reedy) reading. Yay! She'll have a new book out next April called 13th Child. She read several chapters from it. Made me very happy!

Mat, Kev and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I had a caesar salad and a baked potato with natural buttery blend, cheddar, sour cream, bacon, green onions. It was HUGE. I think I made it through half of it.

I think Kev got something signed by Steve and Sharon at 1pm. More Dealer's room and art show.

At 2:30, Patricia Wrede signed 3 of my books. I missed the Carol Berg reading.

At 4pm, I got in the long line for andpuff's signing. She said she'd probably be filking after 10pm on Saturday. Too many other things going on to try and get there earlier. Also got the latest Kitty book signed by Carrie Vaughn!

While I was waiting in Tanya's line, the guy with the beanie and the pink fluffy on his arm came by. I asked him, just what the fluffy was? I had seen him at the FoL party and hadn't figure out what it was. It turned out to be a pink and white vixen. Cute!

Hurried back over to the Sheraton for Char MacKay's concert. Yay! Terence Chua's was next. I enjoyed his fanboy song =)

Dinner with Kev and Christopher at Little India. Kabuli naan for me! We also had a combination appetizer (samosa, pakora, seekh kabob and chicken), Saag chole, bhindi masala, chicken vindaloo, rice and mater paneer.

I needed a time out, so I crashed.

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