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WorldCon 2008 - Wednesday, August 6th

For whatever reason, I woke up at 7am Denver time (6AM my time!). So, I got up, dressed and walked the 3/4 mile to the Denver North Curves. Go Me! Had a nice chat with lady named Lisa who's from Cedar Rapids, IA who was also here for the WorldCon.

Walked back, showered and went to breakfast with Mat and Joey at the Corner Bakery. We were joined by Joey's friend almeda who I'd met once before at Consonance.

The lines were very long for registration. Joey and I waited with Mat until I saw unwritten_words. Angie!!! She'd been waiting with ellayn. I had last seen Angie and Elaine at LACon. So we yakked while we waited in the very long and slow line. We ended up being 10 minutes late for the 11:30am - 1pm panel: The Electronic Storyteller Bowl: Steve Miller (m), Sharon Lee, Don Sakers, Lawrenece Watt-Evans, and Phil Foglio. The person sitting behind us? saruby!!!

I also got to meet Shawna from Second Life!

Walked back to the Sheraton. There would be a lot of this going on - it was only 3 1/2 blocks, but the heat and the concrete got to me at times - maybe a bit of altitude too. I need new shoes and I should have brought a hat of some kind. Fast walking sometimes gives me shin splints unless I warm up walk first. Ouch! 1pm - 2:30pm panel: The Songs of Kathy Mar: Joey Shoji (m), Blind Lemming Chiffon, Kathleen Sloan and Kathy Mar. Fun panel!

I was going to go to the 2:30 - 4pm: Timeless Stars - Zenna Henderson panel back at CCC (Colorado Convention Center), but I think the Kathy Mar panel ran a bit long and I needed to find food. I think I did the dealer's room.

I went to the 4 - 5:30pm: Welcome to Denver Filk: Blind Lemming Chiffon (m), Kathleen Sloan, Anne Prather, Fred Capp, Cheryl Clark and Kathy Mar. Anne Prather sang John Denver's Eagle and the Hawk *squee*. I was expecting somebody to sing Rocky Mountain High. Didn't hear it at all *sigh* Things are becoming a blur...

I think we went to dinner at Los Cabos II - a peruvian restaurant a block up from the CCC. I enjoyed the Lomo Saltado Marino - seasoned mix seafood sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and french cut potatoes and served with rice. The cerviche mixto and the papa a la huancaina were good too! (me, Kev, Christopher, Mat and Joey)

Stopped by Starbucks for a caffeine fix.

Stayed for the first half of the 8:30 Media filk circle - Got to hear Joey sing "Uhura" *hee*. hsifyppah and John Caspell (aka Dr. Filk) sang a Firefly song and khaosworks did a Dr. Who song. My brain is dead. Did see Larry Niven in the hallway *g* Can't remember anything else. I was sitting under a bright hot light and the room was very crowded, so I left and went up to the SRM party.

At the SRM party - it was a party for klingonguy's Buffalogenics too - so I got a ribbon which read "Buffalogenics protege". =) Besides spreading the word of Liad, had a chance to chat with Kevin Hewitt, Angie, Shawna, Sarah, Elaine and Steve and Sharon. Denver is much closer to Albuquerque than Collinsville, IL, so Kevin didn't have to do the crazy drive thing this year. Sarah, Kev and I did the rounds of the parties on the floor. Liked the gargoyle in the Reno in 2011 room. Loved the Chernobyl in 2011 and the Xerpes in 2010 parties. Lots of glowing things - even the drinks (which I was not brave enough to try). There was a guy with a geiger counter checking people after they'd gotten off the elevator...

Speaking of elevators - there was a screw up somewhere. Majority of the big parties were held on the 22nd floor. The only problem is that the 22nd floor can only be accessed with a special key. They got around it by having somebody on the lobby floor with a key and loading up the elevators there. The lines could be quite long at times...

Stayed at SRM party for closing and clean up. Mat was already sawing logs and Joey was out and about. I went through the program to try and figure out what I wanted to do for Thursday and then I crashed around 2:30.

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