Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The Family Vacation: Meeting Maddie and Lizzie

Wednesday, after packing up the van and checking out of the hotel, we walked over to Downtown Disney for some more shopping. S had given the kids money for a vacation prezzie, so Kyle picked up some Star Wars Legos and Alani picked up more clothes and a back pack carrier for Hearty.

We also picked up a little something for Maddie (3) and Lizzie (20 months). They're my cousin Kimberley's girls - and neither I nor the kidlets had met them yet. Drove down to Irvine and spent the day with Maddie and Lizzie, grandma Pam and Sy. Alani and Maddie had a blast together. Poor Lizzie tried to keep up, but she wasn't quite fast enough. It didn't make her happy, but a two hour nap helped =) Kyle spent most of the afternoon playing with his legos. Girls. *sigh* There was also some Disney channel tv. Hannah Montana and the Cory brothers - oh dear.

Playing peek a boo still is a great ice breaker. Lizzie's got a poker face most of the time, but when she smiles *squee*

After Kim and Kaz got home, we went out to dinner at Lucille's BBQ. Maddie ran out of gas and basically spent dinner sleeping on Daddy's shoulder. Sy and I took turns keeping track of Lizzie - she who wanted to look out windows and walk, walk, walk. *interestin' stuff, ya know*

Kids were out within 5 minutes of hitting the freeway back to Lorie's. Following K, who was following Sy's directions, got us lost twice =)

Thursday and Friday were low key days. Thursday, K, Lorie, Emily, kidlets and I went to the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. They enjoyed climbing up the Wisteria plant and going down the mole hole! They also enjoyed the story telling in the Star Station.

Lunch at Shaka's again plus a trip to Blockbusters for movies. George of the Jungle II, Meet the Robinsons, Rocket Science, Daddy Daycare(??), and one or two more. Movies with popcorn!

Friday we walked down to Carrows on San Gabriel Blvd (a bit over a mile) for brunch. Then we spent the entire afternoon swimming at Lorie's Uncle's house. Only problem was that Lorie had the key for the backyard but not one for the house so if anybody had to use the bathroom, it was a hop in the car and go back to Lorie's... (10 minutes away)

Saturday, we were on the road by 8am - made it to Santa Nella (one potty stop) by 12:30. Relaxing lunch (love Anderson's split pea soup!). Home by 3:30.

Considering most of us were in the red tent, the trip went quite well... Sibling bonding and all that.
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