Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The Family Vacation: Disneyland

Disneyland is sort of blurry...

Monday, we met up with Lorie and her nieces Kira (11) and Emily (10). I think we did Space Mountain first - because there wasn't much of a wait. We did get the kid switch pass as Alani was not going to ride on it (she didn't want to and she's not tall enough). She and I did the Astroblasters. Then we switched kids and Kyle and I rode Space Mountain. I love that ride =)

The K & the girls rode Star Tours. K & I just waited for them at the end. YAY!!!

We got a fast pass for Indiana Jones and rode Pirates and the Haunted Mansion. Alani likes Pirates now, but is not crazy about HM. Unfortunately, we got in with a group of teenagers who did lots of screaming during the entrance elevator and freaked out several kids - Alani included. One of the hosts said if your kid didn't want to ride, you just had to tell the host at the ghostmobile and they'd get you out. G says that they got up to the ghostmobiles and Alani said in a big girl voice "sir, sir, I really need to get out of here" She and G rode it anyway. She was okay in the end - but then she hadn't been sobbing inconsolably like a few of the other kids. She said she wasn't that scared, but she didn't like the ride.

Kyle, Lorie, G, Kira, Emily and I rode Indiana Jones. Alani (too short) and K did the Tarzan tree house instead. Then K, G and Kyle rode Splash Mountain. Alani & I did Winnie the Pooh (only once because it had technical difficulites) and Lorie and the girls went off to find something to eat - and also ride Thunder Mountain Railroad. Alani was content to do a bit of shopping, hang out with Pooh and Eeyore and Tigger and munch on popcorn.

Took an afternoon break - lunch outside the park at Captain Kidzz and then swimming. The only person who managed a nap was G, so we let her sleep.

Next up - California Adventure! The girls were oh so excited because there was this Camp Rock (or something like that) merchandise. Jonas Brothers??? Okay, I know who Hannah Montana is. High School Musical too. While everybody else went off to ride Tower of Terror, Alani & I did the Muppets 3D show, Monsters, Inc ride and caught a bit of one of the animation shows.

Then we all got a fastpass for Soaring Over California and headed over to the Pier while we killed two hours. How come I had to ride California Screamin' with Kyle and the girls??? Ugh. Then we rode Mulholland Drive (psycho rollercoaster) 3 times in a row. More ugh. Kyle is such an adrenaline junkie.

I heard Alani did the carousel, watched the parade and other fun stuff...

Kyle and girls did the Mad Bomber ride (sort of like the drop zone with several bounces) while Alani rode the jelly fish ride - same thing only prettier and not as high.

Wasn't sure how Alani was going to like Soaring Over CA - it's the hang glider ride. She absolutely loved it! She just squealed when we dipped over the river and the ocean - pulling in her feet so she didn't get them wet or kick somebody in the head =)

Dinner at IHOP.

Back to Disneyland. Kyle and company wanted to do the bobsleds. Alani wanted to go do Pirates again. Watched some of the fireworks from between the castle and It's a Small World. She decided that she didn't want to do Pirates, that she was tired and that we should go back to the hotel. That was until she saw the Enchanted Tiki Room. She LOVES that ride. So, we did it. I think I've done this ride more in the past two trips than I have all the previous trips put together. She wanted just one more ride, so we did the train all the way around the park. Got back to the room and K & Kyle were already in bed AND asleep. G was still up.

Tuesday, we went back to CA Adventure. We all rode Soaring over CA again. G loved watching Alani's reactions. Then K & Alani went off to Disneyland to ride everything that Alani wanted to ride. Kyle and I took G over to Tower of Terror which G had never ridden. hee hee. She liked it and got to watch Kyle have a blast too. Then we did the tortilla tour because I wanted something in my stomach before we did CA Screamin' - plus the hot off the presses tortillas are delicious! We rode THAT ride again and G loved it (first timer). Good. Now she can ride with him from now on.

We did pirates again and then met up with Lorie and the girls. Kyle and the girls decided to do HM and Splash Mountain (as single riders cuz the line was very, very long). Alani was looking unhappy about this turn of events so she and I went off to Downtown Disney and Build a Bear. One adorable bear later - dressed in a Hello Kitty t-shirt with blue jeans skirt, Hello Kitty underwear, pink sparkly shoes, Hello Kitty purse and white sunglasses - tah dah! Welcome Alani's new friend "Hearty".

Back to the hotel to swim a bit and rest.

Early dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Kids were happy =)

We split up after dinner. Lorie and the girls went one way. G and Alani another. K, Kyle and I went to Astroblasters and Star Tours. Ugh. They have the make it yourself light sabers in the Star Tours store - even Darth Maul's double sided saber. Kyle has been wanting that one for YEARS. The only one that we've been able to find is the expensive collector's edition which is not suitable for a kid who wants to fight with it. So, he now has one. Joy!

Kyle and I did astroblasters one last time - he got over 129,000 points. I only got a little over 102,000. Rats, foiled again!

G staked out a spot on Main Street so we could watch the fireworks. Ended up carrying Alani as too many johnny-come-latelys stood in front of us instead of sitting down on the street. Oy, she's getting big. 15 minutes - I think I got my weight lifting done for the week. Kyle, by the way, now weighs 72 pounds - and it's pretty much all muscle.

Kyle and K went off and basically closed the park. G, Alani and I went back to the hotel as Alani was totally out of gas. She was asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed.
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