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The Past Week: aka The Family Vacation

I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday, K, G, the kidlets and I loaded up the van and sped down Highway 5 to Los Angeles - leaving behind our nice fog and cool weather. We did hit the road by 7am, amazingly enough...

Uneventful trip - no flat tires this time or bad traffic. Two potty stops and a stop at the Iron Skillet for lunch. Gas was 4.75 or something close. Made it to Monterey Park a little after 3pm.

The kidlets did not make much of a peep the entire trip - Kyle was in heaven because he could play his gameboy advanced for HOURS. Alani was listening to Junie B. Jones books 1-8 on cd. I could see her smiling when she got to a good part. Heidi was right - the gameboy is perfect for the long trip down highway 5.

Settled in at Lorie's and ended up doing take out from Shaka's. Sy (aka CfH - cousin from hell) lives only 5 minutes away from Lorie, so she joined us and we had a nice yak. She's going to have cataract surgery, so her night driving has been curtailed.

Sunday, we headed over to Auntie Hanako and Uncle Mit's house for yakking, and eating. Auntie Hey is notorious for having heaps of food magically appear. The southern half of the family go there for Thanksgiving and other gatherings. Got to see Marcia & Eugene and their kids Krisi (and met her hubby T.J. for the first time), Janene and Julie. Also got to meet Taylor - Krisi & T.J.'s daughter (Marcia's a grandma!!!!) who was born on September 20, 2007. Heidi and Gordon and their two sons Brian and Jason. Jesse came by himself - kids had baseball. Yet another surprise - Darrin and Satomi and sons Joey and Scotty AND new daughter Akemi!!!! Satomi said she knew she was pregnant at Rick's Memorial Service last year, but didn't want to say anything at that point. Akemi was born on January 21, 2008! Kawaii desu yo! Kidlets had a blast playing with their cousins. We saw Robert too I think. Oh dear brain is dead.

We checked into the Park Vue Inn and I took the kidlets swimming. Alani is just about water safe. She was swimming in the deep end with her brother.

We watched the fireworks from the walkway - ooooh shiny!


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