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This week

I really need to get to bed. We're leaving for Los Angeles at 6am TOMORROW morning...

Yes, I really did think about getting a cat - for all of Monday and part of Tuesday.

Tuesday, I took herefox to Zucca's for his birthday dinner. Started with a mojito for me and a black cognac champange cocktail for Foxy. Then on to the Mediterranean Meze's appetizer platter - Melitzanosalata, Hummus, Tzatzki, Dolmas, Olives - served with lots of pita bread. I had the clam and sausage spaghetti special. Foxy got a pasta dish with sausage too. Finished up with a spumoni torte. Foxy got a glass of port and something - a crisp?

Wednesday, went to the CheeseCake Factory in SF for Wesley's 22nd birthday. I rode over with misstsapinay and Heather. Got to have a nice chat with Wee Willie. Ron drove over with Joycie, Wesley, Emily and Dana. Met up with Amado, Joe Ann, Melissa and Allison. Egads, they're all old enough to drink... I'm not sure that Wesley's friends know that my name is Debbie. By the end of the evening, they were calling me Tabitha too...

Thursday, I went bowling for the first time in years. The guys had been talking about it at work and it was decided to do a bowling night. I had to pull my bowling bag out of storage. Just a bit dusty... It was me, Joe, Larry, Jesus, and Rubi; Stephen and Jeannie from ComDev; and Shajuan from Library. I shot a 156 - 138 - 137. I did win the first game. Larry won the second game with a 190 and Joe blew us all out of the water with a 222 on the third game. I think that was Joe's highest game ever.

Today, I can tell that I haven't bowled in a long time. I've lost my thumb callus and as I dropped my shoulder a few times and dropped the ball with my fingers still in it - my hand is sore. My push off knee is not happy with me either. The guys were complaining about sore back and chest muscles and ripped finger nails and push off knees and... Lots of advil was consumed!



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Jul. 21st, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
I had orange flan, actually :-)

I've been thinking about going bowling lately. Or minigolfing, it's been ages for both.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
I really did think about getting a cat

Of course you did. The power of The Cuteness is not to be denied!
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