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Midwest BowerCon 2008 - Day Three and The Journey Home

Sunday was just plain lazy. Brunch was a pancetta and gorgonzola strata - it was very good, but very rich!

More yakking and laughing

Drove out to to pick up our beads. Of all the ones I made, only 3 made it off the mandrel and one other one split. So now I have my first bead - a light blue turnip shaped, a green cylinder with dark blue bumps, a large orange cylinder with red and green twisted glass around it and a split light blue bead with crescent moons and eyes. Practice, practice, practice...

Good bye time *sniff* - Kev and Christopher headed for St. Louis.

Quick stop at Meijers - I picked up a NASCAR cap for Rainy's friend who is a fanatic.

Dinner at Mexican restaurant where Tammy bought the salsa from. I was quiet happy with my tamale. The Chile relleno was very cheesy...

*sniff* My turn to leave. My flight was going to be delayed two hours, but I'd rather wait at the airport because it's happened before where the computer said "delayed" but in reality, there was no delay. Mish rode in to the airport so she could pick up her rental car.

So, I checked in and waited. My plane was still in Florida somewhere. It wasn't allowed to fly because the weather was so bad. (hurricane or tropical storm?) They thought it would be allowed to leave in two hours, but nope. Flight was cancelled at 10pm. We then had to wait until Air Tran figured out what to do with us. Air Tran did not have enough seats on Monday's outgoing flights to get us all home, so they made a deal with Southwest. We had to go claim our luggage and in the meantime, they called in more staff to rebook us all. (one guy had just rolled out of bed - I don't think his hair was supposed to be *that* spikey)

The earliest Southwest flight was at 7:30am. I got one that departed at noon and flew into Oakland at 4pm. The earliest arrival into SFO would have been 11:30pm - and I didn't want to wait that long.

Called Tammy and she and Diney came and got me. I think Diney cursed me - she had said earlier that she wished I could stay one more night. More yakking and laughing until late.

I crawled out of bed around 8:45am. Mish & I were leaving around 9:30am - she'd drop me off at the airport and then head out to the museum. Diney slept through everything. Did get to see Dan very briefly =) Chatted with Tammy until it was time to go. *sniff* Said g'bye to Cassie. For a very short period, I really thought about getting a cat...

Got checked in and through security with no problem. Chatted with the lady who had been in front of me in line last night. Turns out that she'd be able to see her grandkids - they were flying home from Tampa on the exact same plane that we were flying out on. It was a lovely surprise for all!

Looked like some of the people ended up staying at the airport - same clothes as Sunday night.

Had a 90 minute layover in Las Vegas. Found a very understanding double bonus poker machine. It gave me 800 quarters for 4 Aces!!!! I think the only luck I've ever had in Vegas has been at the airport.

G picked me up at Oakland. We ended up having dinner at Kamakura's. I was too tired to BART to SFO to pick up my car, so I just waited until Tuesday morning and then BARTed to SFO (had to leave the house at 6AM). Paid the extra day parking and then went to straight to work.

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