Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Midwest BowerCon 2008 - Day Two

tammy_g loves me lots. How can I tell?
Tammy said "For you, Deb, I left the house with no shower, no makeup, and No Coffee". I got into Indianapolis at 7:09 AM (originally it was supposed to be 6AM!!!)

AND - she had a cooler with TWO DIET PEPSIs for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, after a brunch of feta cheese & smoked ham strata and fruits (papaya, mango, apple, and lots of other stuff...) YUM!, we headed out to Wolf Park. We got to watch Tammy interact with Wotan and Wolfgang. In fact, she got a huge hug and kiss from Wolfgang (the paw prints showed up quite well on her black shirt =) ) Saw one other male and two females (can't remember their names!)

Then, we had walk-about tour and were able to see the main pack area (minus wolves - they were cooling off in the bushes by the lake), and the other pack areas where subsets of the wolves live. They were getting their ice treats, so most were about and willing to come take a look at us. Lots of wolves! =) Saw two bison, coyotes, and the hind end of a fox (snoozing in the shade). It was fantastic experience!

I now have a shirt that says "Wotan for Alpha!"

Stopped at Starbucks for caffeine and Sonic's for fries.

Back to Tammy's for more yakking. Dinner was made up of all kinds of finger foods - salamis, cheeses, pita and hummus, chocolates and cake and scones! Chips and a delicious salsa from a local Mexican restaurant.

Around 10:30PM, Kev and I did an ice cream run - we just made it - the grocery store closed at 11pm. Picked up some doritos too

Yak, yak, yak and laugh until 2? 3?
Tags: bower, friends, midwest bowercon

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