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Midwest BowerCon 2008 - Day One

So just what happened at MidWestBowerCon 2008...

Dinner before the flight was tempura udon. I'd been craving udon since bazaar.

Got to the Fastrack parking lot around 9pm and got to the airport by 9:30. Checked in and had to kill 2 hours before my flight. Uneventful flight (unlike the way home) and got in to Indianapolis 15 minutes early. Thankfully, I was able to sleep through most of the trip. Walked toward baggage claim and heard my name being called out from the depths of Starbucks. Yay! tammy_g getting her all important caffeine fix.

Back to Tammy's - met Cassiopeia - the most adorable kitten. Kawaii!!!!

The dead slowly awakened - tiggrmish, pezazul and clsinstl! Hugs!!!

Tammy, the hostess with the mostest, fed us a delicious brunch of blueberry french toast strata with booberry syrup and frest fruit with a mint dressing. YUMMM!

Tammy's been busy making gorgeous glass beads via lampworking. We've been ooohing and aahhing at her beads and she arranged for us to have a class at Boca Loca Bead. Jari is awesome!

Wow! 3 hours of intense concentration and two handed dexterity. (or in my case, not...) I didn't even burn myself. Go me. Tammy was busy doing her thing while the rest of us started out with a basic safety class (wear safety goggles) and don't touch the molten glass. We learned how to turn on the propane first, light the torch (EEEK!), then add oxygen and how to adjust our flames to the best height and mixture. We learned how to melt the glass, get a good glob and roll it onto the stick thingy. (mandrel) How to try to keep the glass warm and not crack it or have it shatter and OMG lots of stuff. Being sleep deprived did not help.

We made patterns, dots, stringers and twisted two colors of glass together. You had to be careful not break the seal coat on the mandrel, otherwise the glass would stick directly onto the stick and never come off (or would come off in pieces). I managed to break the seal on several of my beads =(

Jari even demonstrated how to blow glass. OOOOOOH!!!!!

I'd really like to do some more lampworking!!!!

Dinner at a nearby Turkish restaurant. Hummus, feta cheese pie (tiropitas?), eggplant salsa... I had eggplant with beef. Yum. Waiter likes Tammy =)

Went back to Tammy's and yakked and laughed until undinesprite arrived! Then we yakked and laughed until 3am or so...

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