Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The past two weekends

Had the kidlets last weekend - Alani on Friday night and Kyle on Saturday. Kyle, K and I went to see Wall*E at the new Alameda Theatre. I enjoyed it - K not so much. It was Kyle's choice and he liked it enough to want to watch it a second time. (he'd seen it on Friday).

Tuesday's Annual Celebration of Surviving the First Six Months went well - even though I forgot to turn on the rice cooker. I went to check the rice at 7:20 and "oops". Oh well. Either people were hungrier this year or I fed more people - all 10 dozen eggs were cooked by 8:30 and there were fewer leftovers than usual.

Friday's 4th of July celebration continued with dinner at Hawaiian Drive Inn - saimin for Kyle, chicken katsu for Alani, chicken teriyaki with steamed broccoli for K and a cheeseburger for me. Yum! I'd been craving a burger since the bazaar the previous weekend.

Watched the Jack London Square fireworks from the end of Grand Street. Maybe it was because of the fog that the fireworks were low in the sky. The fog did make the viewing a bit difficult. Was able to see other fireworks (illegal? some of them were pretty big) from Oakland/San Leandro. It was a little bit chilly - Alani watched the show all wrapped up in my sleeping bag. I think I ended up walking back to the car 5-6 times (blankets, sleeping bag, munchies, water, kleenix...)

Saturday, after a breakfast of Mickey Mouse waffles, the kidlets, K, Joycie, Ron, Joe and I took the ferry over to SF. As it was a gorgeous day on a holiday weekend, the boat was packed. It took forever for the all the people at Jack London Square to board. We got off at the Ferry Building and hit the Farmers' Market and all the shops. I only bought stuff at Recchutti's.

Walked from the Ferry Building to Rainforest Cafe for lunch. We sat right next to the gorillas =) Kids got another set of lightning glasses. Finished off lunch with Volcano!

Walked to Ghiradelli Square (more chocolate!) and then Pier 39. Alani was a tired kidlet (lots of walking!) and we watched the seals and walruses. Caught the 4:55 ferry home (it was delayed half an hour). Dinner at my place - ramen for Kyle and tofu, followed by chips and salsa ("but I only want chips and salsa!!!!!") for Alani. Kidlets and K went home and I had a quiet evening to crash.

Went to brunch at Jim's today with Liz. Had a nice chat which included favorite white wines. After that bit of wine talk, we headed over the BevMo to pick some up. Then we went to Encinal Nursery for some plants. She picked up two hanging plants - one of them a lovely fern - not sure what the other one is. I picked up some lobelia, maiden fern and alyssum. I do love the smell of alyssum.
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