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4th of July

Happy Independence Day!!!

Got up early to make rice balls. Packed rice balls, salami, pepperoni, drinks, grapes, cherries, cheetos, cheese-its and animal cookies and walked over to Grand and Otis. I found us a spot to watch the parade and set our "viewing" area up. K had parked the car around the corner las night, so it was a quick job to pull out the chairs and sleeping bag.

G dropped off K & the kids around 10 am, so they didn't have a long wait for the parade. (parade starts at 10, but by the time it gets to our area, it's closer to 10:30). Much oohing and ahhing over the horses and electric cars. The helicopter fly by wasn't as low as last year's =) Saw Wesley riding in the "Westside Story" car.

Last "entrant" in the parade is always the street sweeper. Hip, hip huzzah!

Kids did the fun fair as usual. Bouncy tents, arts and crafts, games, dancing and snow cones. K's root beer one tasted the best. Bubble gum or cherry? icky sweet.

Kyle was feeling a bit under the weather, so he took a quick nap while we ate lunch. He still was out, so Alani & I hit the pool. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr! Wow! Has Alani improved since last year. Back floating, torpedoing and basically keeping herself afloat. No fear!

Kyle and K soon joined us and then it was diving for weighted swim toys. Even Alani was going after some of them. Kyle, the rat, threw a bunch of them in the 8 feet area and *I* had to go after them. My ears were not happy even when I equalized the pressure. Out of practice I guess.

Tonight we're meeting Joycie and company and going down to end of Grand Street to watch the fireworks from Jack London Square.
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