Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Books Read in June

Title Author Comments
The Ideal Wife Balogh, Mary
A Match Made in Hell Garey, Terri
Hotter Than Hell Harrison, Kim - editor
Beast Of Darkness Jones, Lisa Renee
With a Single Spell Watt-Evans, Lawrence
Killer Passion Whitefeather, Sheri
Something Wicked This
 Way Comes
Bradbury, Ray
Snowbound With The
Cassidy, Carla
Duty To Protect Cornelison, Beth
A Soldier's Homecoming Lee, Rachel
Her Miracle Man Sandler, Karen
Vengeance in Death Robb, J.D. re-read
Holiday in Death Robb, J.D. re-read
No One Heard Her Scream Dane, Jordan
No One Left To Tell Dane, Jordan
No One Lives Forever Dane, Jordan
Feast of Fools Caine, Rachel
The Lost Duke of Wyndham     Quinn, Julia
Blood Noir Hamilton, Laurell K.
Quicksand Johansen, Iris
Protecting His Witness Ferrarella, Marie
Killer Temptation Bruhns, Nina
If Angels Burn Viehl, Lynn re-read

Tags: books

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