Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Breakfast 2008 Prep

Stuff done:

  • Buy 8 pounds of grapes and clean

  • Buy 1 flat of strawberries (12 baskets), clean, slice

  • Buy watermelon

  • Buy 2 honeydew melons

  • Buy 3 canteloupes

  • Buy 5 - 3 pound packages of Aidel's Chicken and Apple Sausage

  • Buy plates

  • Buy 20 pounds of red potatoes

Stuff for Monday:

  • Costco- 10 dozen eggs

  • Costco- 3 dozen croissants

  • Costco- 2 gallons of orange juice

  • Costco- 2 gallons of apple juice (because I dropped them in the parking lot and the bottles broke open all over me! - plastic jugs thank goodness...)

  • Costco- 3 dozen muffins

  • Safeway- butter

  • Safeway- coffee

  • Safeway- ketchup

  • Safeway- sterno

  • Safeway- 1 half gallon of half and half

  • Set up Conference Room 2B

  • Make watermelon, honeydew and canteloupe balls

  • Make baked herbed cottage potatoes

  • Slice up sausage

  • Get electric room key

Stuff for Tuesday:

  • Potatoes on at 5am for final bake

  • Out the door by 6am

  • Coffee on asap

  • Rice on asap

  • Chafing dish on

  • Fry up sausage

  • First batch of eggs on

  • Slice up muffins

  • Serve up fruits

  • Breakfast open at 7:30??? fingers crossed

Tags: annual breakfast, work

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