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Last Weekend

So, last Friday, I zipped home from work and had time for a really quick visit with Sony, Tadesse and Thi and Alani and Kyle. Thi and Alani are now BFFs!!! When I left, T and Kyle were playing chess.

Then I met up with Joycie and Wes for dinner at Tomatina's and then off to S.F. to see Hairspray. It was fun! In a scene towards the end, there's a duet between Tracy's parents and the father managed to do something to really crack her mother up. Mother was unable to continue singing while she tried to stifle her laughter - he broke "her"... hee hee.  Good talking with Joycie and Wes. I see Grease and Phantom in my future...

Got home and chatted with Sony and T. Thi was fast asleep =) Sony gave up around 12:30ish (wow! late for her!) and T and I chatted until 2 while he played Soul Calibur. I had to give up and left him playing =)

Saturday, Sony, T and Thi and I went over to Fisherman's Wharf. Brunch at Rainforest Cafe. Thi was fascinated with the elephants, gorillas and big cats. She also loved all the fishes - we sat right next to one of the aquariums. She stayed far away from the snake.

Went over to UCSF to get T checked in - the summer session kids were staying in the dorms there. T's spent most of the time checking out the girls. (and several of them were checking him out too. "hey Mom, he's cute!") T is hoping to be accepted into the SF Ballet's regular session ballet school in the fall.

Saturday dinner was over at K & G's - Acapulco. Alani and Thi played until bedtime - wearing their matching BFF shirts. Cute! K, G, Sony & I just yakked.

Back to my apt - Thi zonked out rather quickly (wonder why? *g*). Sony and I yakked until neither of us could keep our eyes open. It was good - Sony and I rarely get to do the one one chat any more. =)

Sunday, breakfast at Jim's and then some last minute shopping at Alameda Towne Centre. Sony was sort of amazed at the changes to our old mall. Borders, T.J. Max, Old Navy... They left for home around 1pm and I went home and crashed. I slept until 10pm. I guess I was a wee bit tired.


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