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Well, here I am in NYC. Mat is still among the living. Life is good.

POD MAT!!! or Mat goes to the baseball game mwhahahahaha! Got into NYC at 5:30pm. Flight was uneventful - left half an hour late because a warning light had come on, but the pilot had said that we really didn't need whatever the warning light was for. Somehow, that wasn't reassuring. Whatever got fixed and we were on the way. Finally saw Spiderman. Yes, the guy who played it, is very nice on the eyes. *g*

Mat met me at baggage claim. We then spent the next 45 minutes waiting for the stupid rental car shuttle. Turned out that we needed to call for pick up. Love it when things aren't obvious. Got car (red geo metro with NO POWER STEERING), and proceeded onto Yankee Stadium. Ended up parking in a park. Drove up the path and down a dried grass slope. Have never driven down a grass hill. *fun*

Our seats were on the third deck, about 5 rows from the top of the stadium, behind home plate. Not bad. A's won! It only took 16 innings. Mwhahahahahaha!!! Poor Mat. Actually I think I was sitting next to pod Mat. The person sitting next to me was not the non-sports-person that I know and love. Nope nope nope. This person was chanting along with the 54000 rabid Yankee fans "Let's go Yankees" and "Charge!" and cheering for outs against the A's and hits for the Yankees. It was like being in the twilight zone. Weird. I had jokingly said to Mat that the game would go to 15 innings. I was off by one *grin* Ended up hitting an all night diner for dinner and then yakked until 4am.

Saturday, Mat & I took the train into the city to see The Producers. That show... totally wacked!!! I giggled my way through it. I'm not sure I want the lyrics to Springtime for Hitler. *laugh* As soon as we exited the theatre, we walked over to TKTS in Times Square and stood in line for an hour in order to get tickets to see LES MIS!!! Knowing me, what else would I choose when given a choice between Into the Woods, Les Mis, Urinetown, 42nd Street and Oklahoma. We ended up eating dinner at Chili's and meeting another musical f/i/e/n/d/ friend, Christian and had a lovely evening at my favorite musical. Wandered around Broadway for a bit, and then took the train back. People watching on the train - Some young *stud* was showing some girls that he just happened to be sitting next to - his brand new Tommy Hilfger shorts. *snicker* NYC... what can you say?

( A's wrap)
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