Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Alani's graduation

Monday, K, G, S and I attended Alani's kindergarten graduation. I think Ms. Treese was very happy the year was at an end. The kids were just bouncing - the room was packed with parents, grandparents, AUNTIES and other family and friends =)

The kids sang and signed IZ's Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World. Alani was just all smiles. Hee =) The little boy near her, took one look at all the people and decided he was just going to sit there. A little girl in the back was just rocking out. Then they told the story of the hungry caterpillar and how like him, they munched their way through the alphabet, and math and science all year long and now they're all beautiful butterflies. It's been a long road and now it's on to first grade.

K & I ended up going to the Crepevine for lunch. Salmon, spinach and capers crepe! Strawberry, banana and nutella dessert crepe. YUM!

Last Friday, K & I made it to the ballgame by 4:45 and did manage to get a Kurt Suzuki bobblehead. A's lost =(

Saturday, the kidlets and I went to the "new" Alameda Theatre and saw Kung Fun Panda. I really enjoyed it - and the kids just loved it. They were kung-fu'ing in my bed until they finally fell asleep.

Sunday, was the usual breakfast at ol'MacDonald's - the happy meal prize was a ki-ya'ing Panda. Very glad those pandas were going to their house - wonder how long it took for G to accidently hide them?

K & I hit the Farmer's Market as usual. Gave in and bought two baskets of blueberries (they lasted until Tuesday) and lots of veggies.

Tuesday, herefox made a very spicy chili and we watched 3 more episodes of Buffy. Two more episodes and I'll finally be done.

Tonight, Foxy & I went to Ikea so he could get some ideas as to what he'd like to do with the "new" apt. Then dinner at Kapp's - salami, mushroom, and sausage pizza. I'd been craving pizza all day.

Tomorrow is ka-ching ka-ching!!! trektone and I are going up to Reno to belatedly celebrate his birthday. I don't think I've been on a multi-day gambling trip since Lucy took me up to Reno for my 40th birthday. Oy.
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