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Finally unpacked my backpack today. Found the rest of the relay thank you notes in the bottom. Ooops. Went out and mailed them asap. It was bad enough that I waited until the Frank Sinatra stamps came out (middle of May and then had to wait as the post office had sold out immediately). Finally got the stamps right before I left for Balticon - it just seemed so appropriate to use Frankie stamps in memory of Mom.

There is a guy in this complex who has a very carrying voice - he either has the windows open or is on a patio when he makes phone calls. Annoying. Really do not want to hear about his sex life. TMI and all.

A week ago Wednesday, trektone and I tried out Dragon Rouge - a fairly new Vietnamese restaurant here in Alameda. The spring rolls were good and the garlic spaghetti noodles (in a Vietnamese restaurant?) was yummy. Then we went to the monthly science fiction/fantasy book club meeting at Lee's store. I still do not like a A Stranger In A Strange Land. Next month will be Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Saturday, K and the kidlets stopped by and we did a bit of shopping at the new Borders followed by dinner at Kamakura's.
Sunday, K & I hit the Farmers' Market - yay for all the fruits coming into season - cherries, apricots, plums, pluots, strawberries, blueberries and cherries!!!

Took in Kyle's baseball game. Kyle got to pitch the second inning and was a bit wild. Two errors didn't help. He did get two strikeouts, but he walked in 5 runs. That's a lot of pitches for an 8 year old.

Got my official Joaquin Miller School t-shirt - there was a drawing contest open to all the kids and the t-shirt had about a dozen of the winning drawings on it. One of them was Alani's!!!

Yummy comfort dinner of macaroni and cheese at herefox's last night. 3 more episodes of Buffy - season VII - only 4 more to go? Discussion about Foxy's move. Ugh, I do not envy him.

Tonight, G and kidlets and I had dinner at Applebee's.
Tags: family, friends, relay for life

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