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Balticon - Monday

Reesa was kind enough to go on a coffee run I think around 10:30ish? At least, I've got a vague memory of her asking me if I wanted coffee and me saying no. I don't know if she got a reply out of Kev or if she just got him what he had the day before.

Kev wasn't moving, so I went ahead and got up and showered a bit later. Reesa had a bottle of diet pepsi on ice for me. Can I say how much I love Reesa? =) Plus there were breakfast munchies - I grabbed the banana bread. Yum.

Decided to bag the plans for going to a game at Camden Yards. (Orioles vs Yankees). Just did not want to deal with downtown traffic and crowds. If I had bought the tickets ahead of time, I would have gone, but I hadn't. Two weekends in a row of dealing with crowds and not enough sleep had used up all my dealing with people tolerances.

Packed up and tried to use the tv to check out but it wasn't working. Ended up just doing the express check out over the phone. Did one more trip to through the Dealer's room. I'd already spent more than I'd planned - but I did get part of K's Christmas prezzie. The kids got the usual t-shirts. Bought two more cds - Talis Kimberley's Archtype Cafe and the dual Balticon cd.

Said goodbye to Reesa *sniff*. Drove off to Kev's airport hotel (he wasn't leaving until Tuesday morning). We had lunch in the hotel restaurant - we were the only ones in there. Then it was goodbye to da fwish *more sniff*. Hopefully I'll see both of them at MidWestBowerCon in July.

I filled up the car (5 gallons!), dropped off the car and made it through security with two hours to spare. Dozed on both flights - the flight to Denver was almost half an hour late due to stormy weather (turbulence... and I hadn't taken any dramamine!) - good thing I had a longer lay over. Flight between Denver and Oakland was uneventful. Much better than my last last return flight from Balticon. My rainbow colored luggage strap was AWOL - so it took a bit to find my bag. Was home by midnight.


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May. 28th, 2008 02:57 pm (UTC)
Talis Kimberly was one of the songs you made me skip on the way back from LA :-P

Sounds like you had a good time.
May. 28th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
If I remember right, I wanted something I could sing to, and I didn't know her stuff.

I did have a good time - tired now.
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