Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Balticon - Sunday

As we'd gotten free breakfast passes, I made the command decision of hitting the buffet for breakfast. Hadn't I said the day before that the food in the lunch buffet wasn't great? Neither was breakfast. Coffee was worse. Poor Kev. The plain bagel with cream cheese and lox was good. The omelets looked good, but I wasn't in the mood for eggs.

Went to moose coffee place for caffeine hit.

Urban Tapestry and friends (Dave Clement, Gary Ehrlich, Tom and Sue Jeffers) started off the day with a Children's Concert. More adults than kids - but the kidlets had a blast. One wee girl was fascinated by the maracas and Dave Clements' guitar playing =) Hockey Monkey song! I'd never heard "Don't Touch That Button". Still like the marvelous toy song =)

Did a bit more of the Dealer's room and then decided to go off and explore Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Kev had never been and I hadn't been there in over 20 years (the aquarium was just going in at that point). We parked by Rusty Scupper's (a chain - there once was a location in Jack London Square) and walked all around the harbor. Lots and lots of people. Traffic getting there was messy too. Hmmmm (I was having second thoughts about going back downtown for a baseball game on Monday)

Had a lovely dinner at McCormick and Schmick's. Kev got the grilled halibut and Reesa & I both had the grilled seafood special (Salmon, Crab Cake, Shrimp, Scallops and Stuffed Oysters). Yum! Rice pilaf and a carrot and string bean stir fry. I generously shared out the string beans of course. Dessert was very rich chocolate brownie sundae of sorts. Good thing we had to walk back around the harbor to get to the car.

Back in time to see Stone Dragon (filk newlyweds Tom & Sue Jeffers) concert, followed by a concert by Dave Clement. I have previously mentioned that I can listen to Dave C. all day long =)

Filking afterwards - but I think we just stayed through the Literary themed circle. We were tired - hadn't slept well the night before - neither had the little kid next door. I think the kid's bed was against our wall and he wasn't a happy camper. We ended up playing Carcasonne until 1am and then did a Taco Bell run. Played more Carcasoone and finally gave it up after 3am. Newbie Kev won 2 out of 3 games. While we played, the song Stuck in the Middle with You was stuck in my head - only instead of clowns and jokers - it was more like Babies to left of us, snorers to the right... Yes, the person on the right side snored VERY LOUDLY and the baby was not happy again. Reesa was debating on whether to slip a note under the door and advise the snorer that perhaps a sleep study was in order.

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