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Balticon - Saturday

I don't think I made it to Friday night filk. At least, I don't remeber if I did.

Saturday, I slept in. Slept right through Naomi Novik's 11am signing. Hit the hotel for a buffet lunch. There was salad - but not too much variety and the main courses were kind of sad. Went to the dealer's room for a bit and then it was time for the GOH Urban Tapestry's concert. The main reason why I had decided to go to Balticon was because of Urban Tapestry. There was also a specific author stalking and of course friends!

Urban Tapestry! Yay! There were Tolkein songs and The Lady and a guest appearance by Dave Clement. I knew I should have written down the set list. I was very happy with all the songs but I can't remember the names right now. That's what three days of very little sleep will do for you.

Went to the 3pm Chat with the Crooks: Daniel Graham, Naomi Novik, Mark L.Van Name, Michael Flynn, Patricia Bray and Maria Snyder

4pm - Maria V. Snyder reading. She read from Fire Study, upcoming Storm Glass and Inside . Enjoyed it all - she was the author that I really wanted to meet.

Sometime around 5ish Kev and I met up with Reesa. We hit the dealer's room and the art show in no particular order. I came out of the dealer's room with 4 new cd's - 2 of which I owned on tape and wanted a cd version (oathbound and oathbreakers). Did get a copy of FilkContinental 1999-2000 The Programme Has Changed. There are 4 Joey songs on it - including Cranes Over Hiroshima! Also I've got a copy of Sam's Song sung by Franklin Gunkelmann which also makes me very happy - except it's in german - so I'll learn the song in german before I learn it in english.

Laura Ann Gilman signed my copy of Free Fall =)

6pm - Maria Snyder signed my copies of Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study which made me very happy. Reesa has given into temptation and last I heard she was in chapter 5 of Poison Study. Joshua Palmatier was kind enough to give me a signed bookplate as I had not brought his book to the con with me.

We had dinner at Carrasbba's Italian Grill and coffee at a place that I can't remember the name. The motif was rustic - back woods? Lots of moose stuff - even their bathroom keys were on a moose key chain. "Life is too short to take slowly". This coffee place was very important - Kev does not function well unless he has his shots of coffee. Hotel's coffee was colored water - not even up to the one package of sanka standard.

Went filking from 10 until 1ish? Enjoyed the bits of the Dune musical, the 4 part of harmonies of Sassafras, Gary McGrath's filk of UT's Jalapeno Man, Dave Clement's Merlin and the sung/danced version of Masochism Tango. There was much more spoken word at the filk and though I enjoyed this one guy's stories - his presentation was so much like Dave's preaching style that I could swear I was listening to Dave. It was just weird.

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