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Balticon - pre Con

Friday, all three alarms went off in 5 minute intervals to make sure I woke up. The first - the radio at 3:05am. The second - a buzzer - at 3:10am and the final - the kitchen timer - it beeps - at 3:15am. I was up and showered and out the door by 3:45am. Pretty good considering I had finally lain down for a nap around 2am. *sigh* Parked the car in the blue Fastrack lot - the shuttle bus pulled up right there and was given a little reminder tag of my lot space. Great idea!

The check in kiosks did not open until 4:35am, so I waited in line. Slow line. The kiosks turned on and I checked in that way. Had a bagel with cream cheese. 6am flight. Dozed all the way across country. Watched bits of Mad Money (no sound). Got into Baltimore a few minutes early - 4:10pm or so. Got rental car (bright red toyota yaris) - it's small!!! Hit some rush hour traffic but got to the hotel around 6ish. Took a while to get checked in - they had no rooms with two beds available. Three people and one bed would have been a bit squished. Finally got a room that had two beds but no sheer curtains - just the black out drapes. Could deal with no sheers. Registered both Kev and me. I mentioned that the online registration hadn't been working. Oh well.

Drove to VA for dinner and yakking. Yay! an_sceal and marigot, and got to meet Stanley, cats, chinchillas, birds and guinea pigs. Much envy over their house. Huge kitchen/dining room/living room set up. Jacuzzi bathtubs! *sigh* pezazul was already there - he'd flown into DC and met up with Reesa after work. Yummy chicken, fries and coleslaw for dinner. Jalapeno sauce! Saw Reesa's yarn stash and workrooms. Wow!

Got back to the hotel around 1? 2? Can I just say it's very weird to have roads that were going south and north, suddenly become west and east or both? Also the hotel and the house are on opposite sides ends of the loop(?) so you can go either direction and get from the house back to the hotel. 695? 495?
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