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It's 10:47pm and I have a 6am flight in the morning. Am I packed? Of course not. I didn't do any laundry this week, but I did finally fold up all the whites from the week before.

BaltiCon and pezazul, an_sceal and marigot! We gets to see Urban Tapestry!!!!

So last Friday, K, herefox and I completed the journey to LA with no further problems other than traffic. Dropped K off at Lorie's. Then Foxy & I tried to get to Culver City in a reasonable amount time (hah! too late. Traffic). Got a little lost as we were coming in from Monterey Park. Bumper to bumper from before downtown. *sigh*. Got checked in, and then we drove up to Rainy's work - but the street traffic was even worse than the freeway! We didn't get there until after she got off work. At least she got our messages to wait for us.

Dinner at The Wood Ranch. Moooo! The prime rib was excellent. Up until I heard the phrase "prime rib", I had not been craving meat at all. Oh well. Yum. Everything was wonderful except for the nuts in the dessert.

Agreed to meet at Rainy's at 9:30 for faire. Went back to the hotel and crashed.

Saturday, Rainy, Foxy & I were the only ones going to faire. The girls had other plans. I am still getting used to the transformation - S from goth chick to candy raver (rainbow brite eat your heart out!) and E - to make up and heels. Oy.

We got to faire just after opening. They abandoned me to my fate after I got singled out by one of the cavaliers. Why can I not think of something smart to say but instead blush bright red and turn brainless? *sigh* Especially when the cavalier got down on one knee, took my hand and said "let's make babies". I just stood there "duh". Then one of his fellow cavaliers, put his red coat close to may face and said "yes, she's about the same color". More *sigh*

I just sort of giggled and said "not today" and walked away.

Later was asked if I wanted to put my feet up on the ceiling of somebody's tent. At least I didn't blush to high heaven that time.

I bought a parasol. I wonder how long I'll get to keep it once Alani discovers it?

Foxy and I had fun and ganged up on Rainy at Nomadia. We loves to spoil we do. My bodice has gotten looser, so I bought the next smaller size. I tried it on and asked "is it supposed to be this tight?". Yup. The old one did fit at one time, so I should be very happy.

It was hot and we were just moving from shade to shade for the most part, so we decided to leave around 2.

We were joined by i_am_lono and went to see Prince Caspian. Oo! I enjoyed it. Dinner at a Brazilian restaurant (spicy catfish and plantains!!!).

We were all wiped, so we crashed early.

Brunch at Cafe Buna and then we met up with K and cousin Sy. Hellos and goodbyes and K, Foxy & I drove back home. Tires were good.
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