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I did take the car in for an intermediate service last Wednesday - which includes rotating the tires and checking the pressure. I also have tire pressure guages on all my tires - so at a glance, I can tell if they're up to pressure or not. If they're green they're good. Red, not good.

The tire pressure sensor on the dashboard is showing low pressure again and I know it's WRONG. I keeping checking. Something didn't get reset after the service was done. AGAIN.

So, Friday, after breakfast at Jim's, herefox, K and I drive down to LA. We stop at the Iron Skillet for fill up and lunch. Check tire guages, we're good. Get back on the freeway - merge over to second lane. Pass a truck on the right side and I hear a sound and immediately know what it is. The way the car's handling - it's Eeyore. Flat tire. Pull off to the side of the freeway and get over as far as possible. We've just past the Ikea warehouse. The tire had definitely gone KABOOM!

Call AAA and the lady was really nice and calming and we spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out exactly where I'd stopped. I just knew that we were south of the interstate 5 and highway 99 interchange and north of the grapevine. Even though I had pulled off the freeway, I was not in a "safe" place, so the call had a higher priority. She transferred me to another nice person in the southern AAA office and he had somebody out to the car within half an hour. Pretty damn good!

Did I mention that it was probably close to 100 degrees if not hotter?

By the time the service guy got there (no bright yellow tow truck - huh?), K and Foxy had managed to pull the spare out (had to clear out the back area). After pulling up the rug, they realized that there was a little cut out that could be lifted to get to the tire... The guy quickly changed out the tires - the joys of a power drill. He did say that the potholes around the area were pretty bad - especially in the slower lanes - trucks and all.

Wonder what we hit?
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