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It's NOT SUPPOSED to be 97 F in MAY!!!!!

At least I have a swimming pool.

This morning I was up and out the door by 6am in order to drive to Sacramento for an 8:30am class. FSET - federal state employee tax system or something like that. Rewrite of quarterly tax reporting to start with - XML in my future. Good thing I took that class last summer.

Good thing I left the island via the tube - there was an accident invovling three semis at Oak Street. If I had taken a bridge, I would have been stuck in the back up. Problem free trip - though the wind was blowing hard enough that I felt the car move. Parked the car in a lot and told them I'd be back around 3pm.

They packed us sardine like in a classroom (laughed as I read on the wall, max people in classroom = 40 and there was at least 50 or more in there). I don't think I needed the 2 1/2 class. All I needed was the binder that had the same info they lectured about and the file layouts. I think this was a common feeling among the programmers in the class. One guy was muttering about his long trip in "just for this?".

The class was held in conjuction with the Government Technology Conference. With our class badges, we could also get into the exhibits hall. Unfortunately, the exhibits were geared to the techies (gadgets) and security/storage stuff. Lots of consulting firms. I did walk away with a flashlight and a super ball that lights up. Wowweeeeee... No t-shirts. I had been told to look for work order systems. None to be found.

So I was done by noon. Had called work to make sure that there was nothing else I should investigate - nothing. Went back to the parking garage after walking around a picket line.
Because there was an information fair (government), picketers and the usual work people, the garage was full. Guess where my van was? Yup. In the very back. They had to move 6 cars to get to it.

Have to get ready for tomorrow. Driving down to visit ame_chan and family and go play at the ren faire. The weather is supposed to be hot down there too. Ugh.

Eeyore II had an intermediate maintenance service done yesterday and was pronounced well. So why is the drat tire pressure light on again? I checked the tires and they're all inflated properly. *sigh*

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