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Wednesday, Joycie and I went out to Emil Villa's for her birthday dinner. St. Louis Ribs. Yum! Afterwards we wandered about (Walmart and Longs) and yakked.

Thursday, I picked up the newest Avatar dvd for Keoki-chan. Stopped by and found the house in chaos. Ugh

Friday in between telecommuting, I did 6 loads of laundry. Oh Joy. Stopped by Joycie's for another check of my head. Psychosomatic itching and all. My usual dry scalp - nothing else.

Have I mentioned I hate creepy crawlies?

Saturday, Alani and I had an afternoon together. First stop was the all important Build-A-Bear. Alani's new friend is Cutie, the Pawsome Pink Bunny. Cutie is now dressed in a Limited Too beige gold sweater and blue jeans, with pink shoes and a pink backpack. Oy.

Kyle was off at a birthday party.

Mother's Day Dinner was held a day early - Acapulco per Auntie Karen. Kidlets gave Mommy and Auntie K the Campy Campanaris jersies that they stood in line for last weekend. Movie was the Golden Compass. Not enough Daniel Craig. *sigh*

Today, K & I did the Farmer's Market - cherries are back in season! Then we went to the chapel. There were flowers already for Auntie Haru and Uncle Ruzzy, so we decided the leave them for Uncle Stan. There was a new urn next to Uncle Stan's. Auntie Jean had passed away sometime this year and I didn't know. The news hadn't trickled down to me. K had heard about it but the service was the day she got back from Chicago. I think it happened the week of Consonance and the service would have been that Saturday night.

Auntie Jean was a cousin of my dad's. Second cousin or somthing? Their parents were related some how. We always went to Auntie Jean and Uncle Stan's house for New Year's. The house was somewhere in the avenues in San Francisco - on a hill. You could look out the back windows and see the ocean. Her kids were the same age as my older cousins (at least 15 years older than moi) and would look out for us. Every New Year's there was a table of cool stuff (lady bug magnets, animal shaped pencil sharpeners, japanese cutesy stuff) that we could choose a few items from. She worked at Takahashi's gift shop. =)

Uncle Stan died in 1972 and I don't think we went to New Year's very much after that.
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