Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Ick factor - high...

Just finished Fortune by Erica Spindler. It's a romance/mystery. The bad guy is the heroine's half brother. He's obsessed with her - has been since he was child. Not in a good way either. Psycho and all that. Mother has taken 5 year old daughter and run away, as neither her very rich husband nor her in-laws will believe that there's something very wrong with number one son. Daughter is of course separated from her mother at some point and she has also repressed all memories of her childhood. Speed to the future - 20 + years later. Rich handsome man is courting the heroine. You know that the man is her psycho half-brother, she does not. And stuff happens. ick ick ick.

Spindler's books are usually good reads. I just had major problems with the ick factor.

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