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The Gollum, The Kidlets and Baseball

The Gollum:

Friday night, I went up to see Wesley in CSUH's children's version of The Hobbit. As it was a kid's production - it was a condensed version - 60 minutes long. At one point, we were asked if any of us (mainly Ron), wanted to be a dwarf. No volunteers. Oh well.

Wesley was wonderful as Gollum *bag* (big auntie grin) The kids really liked him! I had "My Precioussssss" stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

Afterwards, Joycie, Ron and I went out for dinner at Juanita's.

Usually, Wesley calls and tells me when he's in a play. Joycie did this time. She asked him why he hadn't called me - "But Mom, Auntie Debbie likes the Hobbit..."

Joycie took pictures and I'll post it once I get them =)

The Kidlets and Baseball:

Saturday, K and I went to Tokyo Fish Market. Hamachi and Maguro YUM!

Then we went to see Kyle make his debut as a pitcher. Two "strike outs"! He also played 2nd base and made a nice put out (first baseman to him covering the base) and did cartwheels in the outfield while he played left field.

Baths for the kidlets and then sashimi dinner - roll your own sushi and all.
K took them out for ice cream and then it was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for movie night. Kids slept over at my place because...

Sunday, Old Macdonald's for breakfast. Then we went over to the coliseum at 10:15am. Mr. Smiley Guy treated us to parking =) There was already a line two rows deep - jerseys are a big draw. We waited for an hour and were successful in getting the Campy Campaneris "jersey". By the time we went through, there were only large and x-large - which worked out as Mommy really wanted a jersey and Auntie Karen had said she'd like one too. Mothers' Day prezzies are done =) Attendence was 31,673

Kyle got a set of A's baseball cards and Alani got an A's bear. Life was good.

We had tickets in section 216 third row - which put us just to the right of home plate. Kids ate sunflower seeds, nachos, pretzels (well Alani ate the salt off of mine), cotton candy and ice cream. They were sold out of stadium dogs. Due to the A's having 20 hits on Thursday, there was a $20 off special on the $24 plaza outfield seats. I didn't get those tickets - they sold out within 2 hours. So we got the $30 plaza infield seats.

Campy threw out one of the first balls! Kids had a good time - yelling and screaming and chanting "Let's Go Oakland!" We did the Stomper fun zone before the game and stayed through the seventh inning. Alani was tired at the that point and we needed to leave before the witching hour. The A's had scored three runs that inning and the kids were happy.

A's win!

Hand off kids - S's schedule is weird, so he's getting the kids tonight through Tuesday.
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