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Relay for Life 2008

Shout outs to ohiblather and indigorogue ! Thank you for your support!!!

Note to self: Make sure that I take allergy meds AND wear socks that are proven to not slide or bunch up and are cushy.

Got to Relay at the start of opening ceremonies. Had stopped by the office to pick up batteries, make copies of recovery license plates (never did use), print banners, t-shirt list, walking list and dolly. Had to park in the far beyond as usual. There was a lacrosse tournament going on too.

Walked off and on during the day, but mainly worked in the snow cone booth. Ah, the joys of syrup squirting all over me. Magda's 8 year old, Gregory, spent about the entire day helping out. He did everything from making cones to drumming up business. =) Cutie! We gave him a t-shirt for all his hard work. We raised $347.25!!!

Little Mia really liked the inflatable fish ice cooler, so she got it after relay was done. 20 month old Matthew made off with one of the beach balls. Why I didn't ditch all the fish stuff after Kev's 30th birthday party, I don't know.

Note for next year: Get a round scooper type for putting the top on the snow cone. Using a regular scooper gets you odd shaped snow cones.

K showed up around 5pm, so we walked for a while and then had dinner the Hawaiian Drive Inn.

I won a BEAUTIFUL quilt in the silent auction. It's red, black and gold pattern strips which border blocks of black kanji on white. Red outside border. The kanji reads: spirit, strength, beauty, faith, hope and love.

It felt like there was a smaller group of survivors doing that first lap at the Luminaria ceremony. The youngest survivor at this year's Relay was 3 year Hannah. *sigh*

Mom and Grandpa's luminarias were close together, so I was able to say hi to them both every lap. Found Vicki Brown's, but not Jenny's nor Irene's.

11pm walker who was supposed to do two hours didn't show, so Karen and I walked the first of hour together, then I ended up walking until 3am. I was VERY happy when Debbi showed up for her two hours. I normally love walking the late night hours, but this year because of the slippery, sliding socks, it was not good. I ended up with blisters on the balls of my feet. Nor a happy camper. I think the last half an hour was a lesson in stubborness.

K's shoes were not quite right either as she too got blisters.

High School kids were noisier this year. They were still going strong at 3:30am. That's when I crawled into my sleeping bag and zonked. A bunch of them were up and about at 6:30 too. We finally gave up and packed everything up. Didn't stay for closing this year as neither of us could face walking another lap =)
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