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Dining Out for Life

Last night, trektone and I went to Mezze's for dinner as part of Dining Out For Life. We had a 6:15 reservation and I left the office at exactly 5pm and then? Immediately hit traffic from hell. It was bumper to bumper slow the 5 miles from Whipple Ave to the 92 interchange. It took over 40 minutes. Over the bridge in less than 10 and then another 15 minutes to get onto 880. Parking. I didn't get to the restaurant until 6:30 or so. *sigh*

Dinner was tasty =) We started with the taro fritters and of course, the pomme frites (this is Joey, remember?). The gnocchi with the duck confit and mushrooms was good, but the sauce was a bit sweet - maybe because it was in port jus? Joey got the Merguez pizza (Housemade Lamb Sausage, Kasseri, Roasted Tomatoes & Garlic with Mint ). I got the Coriander Crusted Yellow Fin Tuna (Israeli Couscous,Pearl Onion, Portabello Mushroom & Truffle Essence). T'was good! We split the chocolate croissant bread pudding with vanilla bean creme chantilly.

Half glasses of wine! I got to try the NV Lambrusco Dell'Emilia Donelli, a muscatelle, a grenache, german riesling, and a petit syrah (????)

I liked the riesling and the grenache the best.

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