Debbie (debmats) wrote,

/me does happy dance because I just ordered vixyish and tfabris's cd Thirteen from cdbaby. Yay! I also ordered unclechristo's cd - Songs for Dreamers. I love the picture on the cover - one of artbeco's photos =)

Had a really weird dream last night. A prisoner at some beach front estate. Couldn't escape. Tried breaking the windows, but they were unbreakable. Vampires? Some other type of body fluid sucking creatures? They liked my spinal fluid. Different part of the neck, I guess. Managed to escape but was brought back to the estate because the cops were in on it.

I woke up because one of the vampires was pulling on my earring. (Turned out that I had caught my earring in the covers. OUCH!)

This is what happens when you have pizza with the works on it.
Tags: dreams, music

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