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There's a restaurant in Redwood City that I need to take trektone to - Red Lantern. Asian fusion - pretty tasty stuff. The lunch platter menu gives you the option of several styles of cusine - Filipino, Malaysian, Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Indonesian. I've been there 3 times in the last month - twice for lunch and once for a retirement dinner.

I've spent the last two weeks trying to get over a chest cold. It's almost gone - just that lingering tickle in the back of my throat from part allergy, part post nasal drip - which sets off coughing fits that sound worse than they really are. *sigh* Unless you finally toss your cookies. grrrrr

Friday, I met up with drinteot at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Had a lovely time walking and chatting through the gardens and window shopping at the Metreon. Lunch at the Luna Azul cafe in the Metreon. Afterwards, we met up with greenmtnboy18 at the USCF Mission Bay campus where he attended an AIDS conference. It was great to see them both! Twice in a year even!

We drove back to Alameda where we had dinner at Speisakammer with lilacfairy. I love potato pancakes and gewurztraminer! Lots of yakking =)

Ice Cream at Fenton's! I dropped everybody off and then spent the next 15 minutes looking for parking. trektone had already gotten there and they had already ordered by the time I got back. Basketball tournament at the Catholic school across the street from Fenton's = no parking anywhere. *sigh*

No pomegranite sorbet that night *sigh*. I had rocky road instead. =)

Saturday, I picked up Lee after work and we met up with Joey, Alex and Deb at Borderland's Books in San Francisco. I've actually never been to the store before - but have bought stuff from them at various conventions. Street parking in SF is always a joy... NOT. I managed to be less than 5 minutes late back to the meter and had gotten a $40 parking ticket. Grrrr. As we were waiting for Alex and Deb and we were going to dinner after, I decided to find friendlier parking. I lucked out and found a lot with unlimited parking for $5. Yay! Had missed the T.A. Pratt signing, but Joey had gone and he got me a signed copy. =) I read Poison Sleep all in one gulp this morning. The next one doesn't come out until November. Oh well.

Dinner at Ti-Couz. Crepes!!!! Loved the mushroom sauce on my mushroom and scallops. I also got the Belle Helene (pear, ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce), but I ended up only eating about a third of it. Chocolate was on the rich side. Oh well, I'm sure Joey was sad that he had to eat the rest =)
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