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Happy Birthday Badger!

Oy... 'tis bright this morning and quite warm too. I am feeling a wee bit tired. 5 hours of sleep the night before and less than that this past night. Tonight is also going to be late night, so much sleep is not on the calendar until Friday night.

Last night, Foxy and I went to the Dan Fogelberg concert that was held in beeyootiful downtown Redwood City at the Fox Theatre. It's a gorgeous theatre - but there is no air condtioning. Ugh. Same as last year, we sort of cooked. Our seats were dead center and 6 rows from the stage. Wooo! Go Us! Last year, we were sitting about 6 rows from the back of the theatre and had a bit of problem with hearing some things. This year, did not have the problem Boy... couldn't hear out of right ear after the concert. *grin* DF played some new stuff off of his new album and lots of old stuff. He played something off of his Captured Angel cd and mentioned that 'oh this song came out in 1975" and at that point, Foxy nudged me and said he was "just two years old at that time" *Bap* During DF's acoustical set, he started to play "Same Auld Lang Syne" - he got to verse about going to the check out stand and then he repeated it. You could see his reaction ("oops! oh shit, I just played that") when he realized he was repeating it and then he kind of played some instrumental fill in and had to stop because he couldn't remember the next verse. If he had asked for help, I'm sure the audience would have sung it to him, but he just laughed sheepishly and stopped. *grin*

Didn't go to sleep until after 1:30 this morning. I was feeling so wired.

Tuesday night, went and saw Wicked again with Foxy and Joey. I really enjoyed it and this time, it looked like they had smoothed out a lot of the rough areas - much smoother pacing, less draggy moments. The wardrobe did not fall apart this time *g*. I WANT THE CAST ALBUM
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