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Should have listened to my gut

I've been taking programming classes for the past year and half - javascript, ajax, xml, php and ruby. The first two were short classes (8 weeks or so), but xml and php were full semesters. It shouldn't be too hard, I'd thought, - one class a semester. The reality has been many hours per week. Programming time, studying - oh and miterms and finals. Other things got in the way - work and life. XML took a gazillion hours all by itself. PHP wasn't as bad as I could at least study part of time at work.

I was feeling burnt out after php and thought I should just take a break, but I decided to take ruby for the spring semester anyway. I should have listened to my gut and just taken a break. My heart was not in this class. There were several things going on - different teacher with a different teaching style, major project at work, being sick (cold after cold after cold) and a bout of depression. Did I mention feeling burnt out?

So tonight I just decided that I don't need the extra stress right now. I dropped the class.

I'll take it again in the Fall - or not.

This is ridiculous - I have yet ANOTHER cold - chest cold this time *cough* *cough* *cough*
Daycare and Nyquil are my friends.

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