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Happy 88th Birthday Auntie Nobuko!!!

Today, about 75 of us all got together to wish Auntie Nobuko a very happy 88th birthday. 88th birthdays are major celebrations in Japanese culture - not sure why, but it is =)

Seafood buffet at King's Buffet in San Jose. Lots of seafood, sushi, dim sum, salads, fruit, soup and rice. Aunties were very happy. Rice made almost 3 year old Luc very, very happy. French Fries too! Luc will be gaining a baby sister sometime in August - Yay!!! Baby Joshua is 21 pounds now - he won't turn one until sometime in August. Chubby cheeks! Just like his dad, Chris. Wonder if he'll have all those curls like his dad too?

Almost didn't recognize cousin Michael. Haven't seen him since last summer and he's managed to lose a good portion of himself. Rod has a lovely strawberry across his cheek and a split lip - he was riding his bike and taking the dog for a run and the dog went one way and the bike another and Rod went splat. Ow. He sort of matched Auntie Nobuko. She and her quad cane had a parting of ways and she too went splat. Her face took the worst of it which may have been a good thing because if she'd broken her fall with her arms, she probably would have broken something. *sigh*

Auntie Yoshi and Jack are looking well - they'd been ill last year and missed Thanksgiving. Auntie Clara is doing well after her January knee surgery. Auntie Oscar and Uncle Taro are out and about, probably up to no good as usual =)

Nice to chat with the cousins afterwards. Haven't seen Dave in eons - he'll be turning 50 this year, so I'll have to go find a good bottle of whiskey. When he turned 21 I remember getting him a bottle of Old Turkey whiskey (????) - not sure how I managed that because I wasn't old enough to buy booze yet.


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