Debbie (debmats) wrote,

More Consonance

I really can't wait until Mary Crowell's "machine" song makes it to cd. *sigh*

Things that made me happy...

  • Joey singing "Cranes Over Hiroshima" and Judi Miller signing it. And I didn't even have to make bambi eyes - somebody else asked for it first!

  • Dr. James' Movin' the Bones

  • Becca and Graham singing the demon under your bed song

  • Summer and Fall's song in Russian

  • Winning ohiblather's ghost painting in the silent auction. That painting had already been bought when I finally made it to her etsy store.

  • Watching Bob Kanefsky blow giant bubbles

Sunday, herefox and I sat waiting in the hall before the two-fers started. I just sat in the sun, and closed my eyes. In the main room, I could hear Mud(?) giving little Gabriela (?) pointers on how to perform, what to do and not. Gabriela sang Twinkle, twinkle Little Star. Down the hall a bit, somebody was playing the harp. mdlbear was in another corner, going over chords before his performance. It was just lovely and very peaceful
Tags: consonance

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