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Yay for 9/80 schedule day off!
Was supposed to do laundry and other chores, but... Oh well.

Spent most of today watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season IV. 7 episodes. Bottom is definitely sore.

Got my first massage in months from Gayle today. No longer neck-less! Yay! She says it's veddy bad. I've got knots on my knots - from top of head to bottom of toes. Ugh. Will need to go in every other week until my body is knotless. *g*

Have gone to 3 funeral services this month. Two Baptist and one Presbyterian. Tonight's service was difficult in that the preacher was really preaching the "convert and be saved" sermon. I *thought* I was going to a coworker's memorial service. Oh brother. Two other coworkers who go to that church actually apologized for the sermon *g*

I think if I show up at my church for services, the reverend would fall over in shock. One of my coworkers is taking a class in world religions and an assignment is to attend a church not of her faith. She broached the subject to me and I said "sure, no problem", I'd take her to a service.

The next special service is Obon (sort of the Buddhist equivalent of Dia de los Muertos). Our festival is held the last weekend of July. Saturday evening there will be a food festival plus "the dress up in no can breathe kimono stuff" and do the traditional Japanese dances. Maybe I'll even dance this year. I think I'll take the kids - just have to find a kimono small enough to fit Alani. I've got a hopi coat for Kyle. Hmmmm

Got my copy of Harry Potter - book and audiobook!!! Joyce, Wesley & I went down to Walden Books and picked them up. Go Us! Now I'm off to read!
Tags: buffy, friends

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